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The 'Farm Fairy' came to visit us at Touchstone every day in December!

Darling met Santa for our Christmas photo shoot.

Tater, one of our most photogenic hedgehogs, posed for a Christmas picture this year!

Missy, our Christmas cover pony, and Santa.

We walked our Unicorns in the Woodstock Christmas Parade. Unbelievable fun!

The truck got decorated too, Unicorns everywhere!

A furry winter Unicorn, Kisses looks adorable any time of the year.

Missy, just such a sweetheart!

Unicorns not your thing? We've got cowboy parties too!

Every superhero needs a sidekick!
Juniper in all her fluffy glory!
A 1st Birthday to remember
Darling checking out an event
She couldn't have been happier!
They can come as cowboys too!
One happy rider!
Discussing the reality of Unicorns
Streetfest in Woodstock
Magnolia saying hi!
Parker checking out the camera
Twiggy was SUPER decorated!
Dally, our larger pony for rides.
Fluffy ducklings!
Our 2017 Christmas Card
Mimzy ready to party too!
Twiggy ready to party
Our ponies and their posse
Example of set up
Easily accessible enclosures
Compact if needed
A white Silkie
Pony rides!
Decorate a pony options
Part of our Unicorn outfit
Silkie chicks
Unicorn rides
Mocha the unicorn
Baby hedgehog
Olivia getting a treat
Paige ready to party too!
The silkies are popular!
Kisses the unicorn
Everyone loves treats!
Magic at the farm
Always a great day!
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