Follow the raibo to Touchstone Farm
We always bring a little somethin fora special guest.
Even Twiggy loves to play dress up.


Touchstone Farm has been a dream of mine for decades.  Having grown up in the city it seemed unattainable until I met my husband.  He grew up on a farm, he loves farming, but his was more of the bovine variety...less of the companion variety.  Nevertheless he has graciously encouraged and supported this crazy venture for our family.  Our daughter enjoys the variety of animals and the uniqueness each one brings to our lives. It's not every kid that gets to bottle feed a baby goat or hand-raise hedgehogs with an eyedropper.


We've been in business since 2016.  Each year we evolve and grow, but our foundation stays the same.  Family.  Community.  Kindness.

Touchstone Farm is home to a variety of animals.  We have full sized horses, a pony and several miniature horses.  Most of these ladies are rescues or were at risk before coming home with us, we've promised them a soft landing and safe home for the rest of their days.  We also have pygmy goats, miniature sheep, a mini pig, a variety of ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and our dogs.  It's a full house!


Our promise here at the farm is to care for and treat every single animal like a family member, because they are.  We take our responsibility to our animals very seriously.  We never overbook them, we only take on a few events each week (if that) to make sure they get as much enjoyment from doing the parties as the guests do!  Any proceeds from the farm go right back into the care and upkeep of the animals.  Both my husband and I have careers outside Touchstone Farm, we can't expect them to pay our bills, but we are happy to go to work for them.  We will NEVER put profits above their health and happiness.

We can promise that we'll have the same animals each year, plus some new ones of course.  We value them like family, and have made a commitment to each and every one of them.  Once the season ends, they come home, get spoiled and enjoy the rest until the next season.

The difference is easy to see.  Happy animals means happy guests.  We love being able to share them and tell guests some of their quirks.  Favourite snacks is easy...did you know one of our horses loves Sno-Cones?

Thank you for checking in with us!