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Our Crew

This is most of our crew, we do our best to keep the page up to date, but sometimes we're just not that quick lol!  We do our best to accomodate special requests, but can't guarantee availability in all events.  We hand-pick our crew for each event, taking into account their strengths too.  We want to make sure EVERYONE has a good time!

Ponies and Miniatures 



Kisses is one of our miniature horses and one of the founding equines of our farm.  Born in 2011, she adores children, is happy to do pony rides and looks quite fancy as a unicorn!  Kisses has experienced many things since joining the family and has excelled at everything.  Just lately she won 4th place in a dog agility class at the local fair.  Take that Fido!



Twiggy, born in 2015 has grown up here on the farm.  Her fabulous nature and love of children have proved her to be invaluable member of the team.  While still young, her calm and sensible nature is wonderful...and her love of treats makes her quite happy to do most anything!



Dally is a middle aged gorgeous pony.  His gentle spirit and love of children make him perfect for riders.  His calm nature leads him to being one of our best EAL horses at the farm.  Being larger than Kisses, he's able to carry older riders quite happily for their turn!



Missy is our smallest pony, but she's got a big heart!  She's small enough to carry the most delicate of riders around safely.  She usually does in-hand leadline work or acts as our 'spare unicorn' at parties and gets brushed, decorated and loved on.


Sassy Mocha is also one of our founding equines.  She came to us with her older 'sister' Kisses, Mocha was born in 2012.  As a baby she had an injury but has recovered beautifully, but to make sure she's as healthy as she can be, we limit her travel time.  She loves children and often neighs when she sees them.



Belle joined the family Jan 2022 and is learning all sorts of new things.  We're looking forward to seeing how she develops, but her sweet nature is already winning us over.  We can't wait for her to meet our littlest friends.



Ellie is our fabulous grey welsh pony with a sweet-tooth!  We use Ellie for beginner lessons, EAL sessions and other fun events.  She adores all children...and candies!!!



Fuzzy Peaches is here for a refresher, some training and maybe more ;)  Larger than Dallas and Ellie but smaller than Kaia, she's that perfect in between size for riders.  We're looking forward to putting some miles on her and seeing how she fits.



One of our harder cases, Pearl hasn't had the best treatment by people in her past.  She's hesitant to trust and much prefers to avoid contact, but she's coming around and has a few people she'll seek out for affection. Definitely a tough nut to crack, she has a big heart underneath some of that trauma.


Full Size Horses


Marlie joined the family as Jill’s personal horse originally, but has proven to be an amazing EAL horse.  Once a part of a huge neglect case, Marlie now enjoys her food and thrives on attention.  She is quiet and calm and the complete opposite of her former Racehorse life.  She used to win at the track, now she’s happy to wander through the fields.



Sisco joined the farm in 2016 after a knee injury sidelined her career.  After lots of work and care, Sisco is able to jump and does exceptionally well at shows with Brenna.  From hunters to jumpers to Hack, Sisco has won titles in various circuits and divisions.  She has a big heart and we're so lucky to have her.



Born in 2023, Lady Jane is Brenna's Christmas present to grow, teach and learn together.  LJ already exhibits a calm personality, learning all new things with enthusiasm and impressive level-headedness.  We look forward to seeing them grow as a team!



Only joining the farm in 2021, Kaia has quickly become a client favourite.  Kaia loves to do horse shows and carries even the most delicate rider around the ring carefully.  In the twilight of her career, we are very lucky to have here at the farm and be able to share her.



Branch is a beautiful plain brown Quarter Horse.  He's a project for Brenna to teach him the ropes, but he's wicked smart and we're looking forward to seeing what he can do.



Toki for short, joined us in 2022.  In the year she's been here she's shown incredible character, compassion and love of learning.  In her first season on the show circuit she helped earn many ribbons for her riders, and some overall titles with Brenna.



Rescued by Brenna in 2019, S’mores is her personal horse.  Her fiery disposition and history make her a bit of a challenge, but her heart and love of Brenna and snacks endear her to us all.



A big squishmallow of a horse, Derf looks after our riders and keeps them safe.  He's a solid citizen, wonderful personality and does something quite unique at the end of every ride.  You'll have to meet him to see it!


Zoe and Kylie are miniature Calico sheep, both born in March of 2017.  These two are little love sponges and seek out attention wherever they go!

Goats  and Sheep


Kylie is slightly more shy than Zoe, but is coming into her own as she matures.  This duo can be seen running and jumping around happily while being lead around.  They are a complete pleasure to be around!



Daughter of Kylie, Esther is our first lamb born on the farm in 2019.  She's since had her own lamb (Holly) and we're thrilled that 3 generations of sheep call Touchstone home.



Also a spring lamb, Parker comes out to events and LOVES the attention he gets.  Often times he's so content, he'll just lay down and have a nap!


Born in April of 2016, Paige was a tiny pygmy goat when she was born and was bottlefed.  As a result, she's heavily bonded to my daughter and will follow her around gladly.  Paige is a talented goat and has even achieved second place in a local Dog Agility fun class.  She's a unique little critter and we love her dearly.



Darling has grown up doing therapy and goat-yoga, she's a loving and curious little girl who ADORES people.  She tours events on a leash because she doesn't want to miss a moment of action!



Born Jan of 2019, Wilson J. Carmichael joined our family shortly after being born.  He was raised in the house with us and bottle fed until he was old enough to go outside.  He loves car rides, dressing up, and the Timmie's drive thru.



Benjamin Maxwell (because everyone gets a full name!) joined us in the spring of 2022 as a tiny kid needing a mom.  Despite a bit of a rough start, Benji is thriving and finding himself in all sorts of fun trouble.



Teddy is well known for flirting with the girls.  He makes to most ridiculous noises and makes everyone laugh.  He joined us in 2021 as a wee kid, needing physio and bottle feeding.  Despite his awkward start, he's done amazingly well and is happy to snort at you when you visit.



Named because of the artistic look of his facial markings, Vincent is a handsome lad...with two ears.



His full name is JUST KEVIN, because with all the fancy names here, it suited him best.  He's a bit of a troublemaker around here and often times you'll hear us call him by name.  "Kevin, that's enough!"

Ducks and Chickens


We have a variety of fluffy silkie chickens at our farm, we're happy to pick out a few to bring with us.  They are extremely docile and very soft, not at all like a typical chicken!

Seasonally, we have chicks when the conditions and venue is a fit.


We also have a flock of ducks here at the farm.  Usually we bring the Bobs (same name as we couldn't tell them apart as ducklings) but have a few others growing up that may start touring too.

Weather and season permitting, we can bring ducklings in their own little pool!  There is nothing quite as cute as watching the little guys learn how to swim.


Named after the character in the children's books, Olivia is in training to join the crew at select events.  She loves her treats and is learning some tricks to earn them.  When she's happy, her little tail wags and makes us smile!




Named after the character in the children's books, Olivia is in training to join the crew at select events.  She loves her treats and is learning some tricks to earn them.  When she's happy, her little tail wags and makes us smile!



An adorable little Holland Lop rabbit, she's quiet and snuggly and wonderful!  She loves carrots and fresh lettuce from the garden of course!


Pocket-Sized Critters


Riley is a holland lop doe, very soft with floppy ears and a cute spunky attitude to match!  She's a lovely little bunny who is just happy to be snuggled and held.​



A very soft rex rabbit, Roo almost looks like a chocolate bunny for Easter.  But she got her name because she looks a whole lot like a baby kangaROO when she stands up.



The breed of Daisy and Kelly are unknown, but we love how they've grown up!  Daisy used to be much more white but has grown some brown spots on her , but her love of treats hasn't changed at all!



An exceptionally fluffy lionhead rabbit, Juniper is the softest most cuddly critter!  She's quite happy to spend an event tucked inside your jacket nibbling on carrots!


My daughter currently has several hedgehogs and occasionally has litters of them that we get to enjoy.  Weather and occasion permitting, we can bring Mimzy, or Quilliam out to events with us.

Ducks & Chickens
Pocket-Size Critters
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