Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is specially designed learning experiences involving horses. As a certified and insured EAPD coach (Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach), I'm able to guide a learner through custom exercise with horses. Through a lifetime of experience and my coaching experience, I'm able to observe the non-verbal communication of a horse and guide the client towards a positive outcome for each session. 

Often a horse will choose its person and it's my job to facilitate those interactions. By reading them together, using their reactions as a barometer, I'm able to gain insight into the learner's personality and further guide the exercises. We have several horses here on the farm; each with their own history and experiences. We have the option to hand-pick who we'll use and tailor the exercises for each combination. This is a highly individual approach and allows the freedom to fit the needs of each learner as a person.

Sessions always start with an initial Meet-n-Greet. Full visits start at $60.



We're happy to offer beginner riding lessons on our horses! Want to learn how to ride but not sure where to start? We can work from the ground up, building trust and confidence before even getting on the horse. We teach horsemanship, and safety, and make sure all clients are set for success. We have a few different horses for each rider type and ability and all lessons are done privately to make sure clients get the most instruction time possible.

Riding lessons are a fabulous way to build confidence and self-esteem and empower young riders. Each one is done uniquely for each client.

Lessons are for ages 6+, but we can do guided pony rides for those under 6. We still teach, but the pony will be led by a staff member for the safety of the rider. Lessons are $40 for 30 minutes and are always one-to-one.




Come out and meet the crew!  We’ve got sheep, goats, pigs, miniature horses, ponies, full-size horses, ducks, chickens and a few other furry surprises! Your visit includes a Meet-n-Greet for a family of 5 with all the critters. Once you’ve met the little ones, we can go meet all the horses! Kids want a pony ride?  

We can do that too!

This is a great option to come out, enjoy some fresh country air, meet the critters and spend some time together.  These visits are customizable for different interests and different sizes. Just let us know your preference and we’re happy to work with your request.

Visits are based on a family of 5 for 45 minutes, let us know if we need to accommodate a different number or a longer duration.  Visits start at $70.


Struggling with what to do in the colder months? Need a fun party idea? We've got you covered! We bring a variety of our smaller crew to you! Hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, even our silkie chickens are happy to come and spend some time with your party guests. Kids learn about each type of animal, get to interact with them and enjoy them. All the fun, no mess!

Geared towards up to 12 children, we can handpick our critters to fit the age of your party guests. 

Parties are $190 - a travel fee may apply.


We bring the Zoo to you!*  A minimum of 10 animals (2 mini horses, mini sheep, silkie chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehog and others) are hand picked for your party and your guests.    We have a minimum of 3 staff to facilitate interactions with the animals and make sure everyone gets a chance to meet them.  We bring appropriate enclosures, shaded canopies when required, and clean everything up when we leave.   We require at least a 10x20ft space to set up, shaded grass area preferred for their comfort.  There may be an additional fee of $50 if not located on grass to ensure we bring acceptable footing for the critters to stand on.

Birthday Parties $425

2 hours of access, up to 15 children 

Pony Rides $75/30min

Can be available at our discretion. Weight restrictions apply. Only currently available with our birthday package.

*Travel area up to an hour outside Woodstock, Ontario for the safety and comfort of our crew.

Travel fees may apply.


Who wouldn't love two unicorns at their party? Our Unicorn Party includes 1 hour with two unicorns and unicorn rides for partygoers. One unicorn does rides while the other is there to be brushed, walked and petted.  They come dressed to the nines; tutus, flowers, ribbons and sparkly horns.  We get asked if they're real every time we do a party.  There is something truly magical at these parties!  We’re happy to entertain groups of up to 12 riders.

We provide all supplies and clean up before we leave. You’re only left with the magic of the visit!

We book early, spaces are limited. We take great care never to overbook our crew, we want them to have fun too!

Parties are $290, travel fees may apply in some cases. Up to 80km roundtrip is included. 

*Travel area up to an hour outside Woodstock, Ontario for the safety and comfort of our crew.



Introducing Paddock Pals, a 4 week series learning about horses and ponies.  Each week we‘ll learn something new.  The hour-long session will be split into two sections; the first portion will be learning together with activity sheets and instruction, the second portion will be hands-on learning with the ponies.  Week 4 will be all about riding.  We’ll apply everything we’ve learned in the previous weeks and culminate the whole series with a ride!


Week 1:  Parts of the Horse

Week 2:  Colours and Markings

Week 3:  Grooming and Tack

Week 4:  Riding

Each session is $25.  Enrollment is limited to 4 participants and they must sign up for all 4 sessions. We’ll run two sessions per night and group participants by similar age.  We will organize different levels of Paddock Pals throughout the season so that participants can graduate to higher levels.

Acrylic Paints


We have some talented artists to help teach young (and young at heart) artists how to paint!  Come out to the field, learn how to paint a unicorn while some of our real unicorns roam around.  Paint a ceramic pony while standing in a field of ponies!  It doesn’t get much better than this!  Each artist’s creativity is welcomed...plus you get the chance to hug a pony.  A fun and unique way to foster some creativity in your artist!

These events book quickly and are weather dependent, so we always offer a rain-date.  All info is posted before booking can begin. Everything is provided, just bring your smile and some creativity!

Pricing for these events is based on the activity and cost involved. We do our best to keep everything as budget-friendly as possible. The length of events also varies depending on the activity involved.



We welcome all kinds of different opportunities to share our critters!

From Frosh Week or business events to festivals and even charity events. We can tailor our crew to fit your needs.

Our base price is $150/hr for a 3 hours minimum. As always, at least 10 animals are included.

At this time, we do not offer pony rides at these larger events.

*Travel area is up to an hour outside Woodstock, Ontario for the safety and comfort of our crew. Travel fees may apply.*